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Snugglemeisters offers pet sitting for cats, dogs, and small animals, and dog walking in Nashville, Brentwood, Lenox Village, and Oak Hill, TN.

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About Us

In order to guarantee the full safety and security of your beloved home and pets, all sitters are 100% bonded and insured and pass a comprehensive criminal background check through Acutraq.

DIANE SWANSON is both teacher and artist.  She comes from a long line of pet people and has always had her own pets including dogs, cats, hamsters, hermit crabs, more dogs, and even more cats. After years of pet sitting for her students' families, she branched out professionally to help more people and more pets. Diane is also working on a doctorate through Walden University.

Snugglemeisters Pet Sitting Pros - Marge Swanson

 came to us with past experience as a professional pet sitter in Los Angeles.  A graduate of the Interior Design and Global Studies programs at Middle Tennessee State University, she currently works for the commercial interior design firm Studio 121 Inc. here in Nashville.  She has two Chihuahuas herself: Nina who is 16 years old, and Sofi who is a rescue, about 5 yrs old. Tiffany also maintains her own jewelry line and photography studio.  Her work can be viewed at and

                                         Snugglemeisters Pet Sitting Pros - Monique

We are pleased to introduce you to the Snugglemeisters team of professional pet sitters. Like you, our pets are very important family members. And although we could probably talk your ear off about the pets we love, we are happy to give you a little bit of information about each of us...

Snugglemeisters Pet Sitting Pros - Diane Swanson

MARGE SWANSON is retired from the human service field and is glad to join her daughter for pet pilgrimages around this great city of Nashville.  Her specialty is overnight stays where she gets to really know the dogs and become a second grandmother to them.  In fact, she has a lot of furry grandchildren at this point! It is not unusual to see brand new dogs that just meet her lay down at her feet and beg for belly rubs.  Marge finds that caring for animals helps her remain active and certainly feel loved.

Snugglemeisters Pet Sitting Pros - Tiffany

MONIQUE STAFFILE is originally from New York City where she worked as a professional pet sitter.  She has cared for a wonderful range of pets including cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, ducks, horses, fish and a 17-year-old iguana.  She is a self-employed songwriter here in Nashville and has volunteered at Critter Cavalry, a foster care organization that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters and works to get the dogs re-homed.  Her current Llaso Apso is a former foster dog from Critter Cavalry.  Monique is a strong proponent of holistic animal care and cooks all of her dog's food and treats; CNN even did a story on her dog's recovery from skin allergies through Monique's delicious home cooked meals.  So glad to have her on our team!