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Snugglemeisters offers pet sitting for cats, dogs, and small animals, and dog walking in Nashville, Brentwood, Lenox Village, and Oak Hill, TN.

Professional Pet Sitters for Safe & Happy Pets!

Cat Sitters

Cats are people, too!  

We understand that cats may be geared differently than dogs, but they still love their families and need reassurance that they are safe and loved in return.  

While you are gone, our cat sitters not only stop in to check on their water, food, and litter situations, but we also devote most of our time on the kitty's emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing.  This is achieved through mindful interaction with eye contact, brushing & petting, snuggling, chatting, and a robust session of playtime.  We connect with cats in many ways, even if it's with a simple shoelace.

And of course, a little cat nip doesn't hurt...


$20 = 20 minutes
$25 = 30 minutes


We are not accepting cats that require shots or fluids at this time.  

Otherwise, we do try to accommodate any special needs your cat may have within reason, just ask!

Best Cat Sitters in Nashville!

Here is what you can expect when we stop in:

  • Clean food and water bowls
  • Replenish food and water
  • Scoop litter and clean litter box
  • Big time play & activity for physical and mental stimulation
  • Plenty of love and affection with special attention given under the chin and behind the ears, of course
  • Mail retrieved or other small task
  • A daily, detailed diary entry
  • Text or email after each visit
  • Periodic pictures or videos of cats thoroughly enjoying their visits with Snugglemeisters                                          
Cat Sitting, Cat Sitters - Snugglemeisters Pet Sitting Pros Nashville
"Tried out my first pet sitter. Glad I chose Snugglemeisters. I received text updates every day to ensure me that the cats were doing fine. I even received a couple photos of each cat looking quite content. When I got home, it was like I had never left. Both cats were very pleased to see me. I highly recommend!" 
--Brian C, Antioch, TN

Cat Sitting, Cat Sitters - Snugglemeisters Pet Sitting Pros Nashville
"I used Snugglemeisters to take care of my 4 cats. They did a great job, and texted me everyday so I didn't worry. They took special care of a stray cat that I feed and make sure he has fresh water. I was able to enjoy my vacation and not worry about the cats, knowing they were in hands with Snugglemeisters!" -- Susan M., Antioch, TN
Cat Sitting, Cat Sitters - Snugglemeisters Pet Sitting Pros Nashville
"Snugglemeisters did a great job of taking care of my pets. They respond promptly to queries and service requests and were not put out by my list of specifics regarding food, water, litter, brushing etc. They took excellent care of my cats, and I will continue to use them for my pet sitting needs." -- Jay N., Nashville, TN