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Snugglemeisters offers pet sitting for cats, dogs, and small animals, and dog walking in Nashville, Brentwood, Lenox Village, and Oak Hill, TN.

Professional Pet Sitters for Safe & Happy Pets!

FAQ & Policies
Will you meet the pet and client before the actual visits start?
Yes!  We meet every owner and pet before any visit begins.   Since our goal is to offer excellent service, the meet-n- greets are a chance to ensure that the job is a good fit for all parties involved.  

Once you are a client, we can often stop by to take care of your pets in the future without another meet-n-greet unless it has been a while or there have been changes in the household.

Is there a charge for the meet and greet?
No, the meet and greet is free of charge.  However we do require a phone call ahead of time to discuss your needs so everyone's time is used wisely.  

How should I prepare for the meet and greet?
We will send you a link to our professional pet-sitting  software, please fill this information out online so we have  the information by the time we meet.  If you do not have  access to the internet let us know, we are happy to bring a form to fill out.  Your pets need to be present at the meet and greet.  Lastly, please have two keys made and ready, as well as the payment.

How many pets are included in the base price?
Our costs are based on two pets per household.  This is  primarily for dogs that need to be walked which can take  more time with multiple pets.  Additional pricing may not  apply for easier visits where all pets are indoor.

Do you offer any other services while you are at our home?
Although we may not actually snuggle with your mail,  plants, or lights, we are happy to take care of them for free  as long as they do not take too much time away from caring for the pets.  We may tack on an extra fifteen minutes particularly for summer lawn care details, in which case  those would range from $5-$10 extra depending on the tasks.

Do you offer daily updates on how my pet is doing?
Yes, there are several ways in which we communicate with our ongoing clients.  

Lunch time walks receive a daily text informing them that the walk is complete and adding any entertaining snippets from the day's adventures...there are always plenty of amusing things to share, as anyone who's ever owned a dog knows.  The sitter also keeps a written log at the house with notes in case technology doesn't come through for us.

Vacation pet sit clients generally receive at least one text or email a day, depending on their location and time zone.  We often send a quick text each visit no matter how many times a day we visit, but some client prefer only one notification.   We keep a more detailed check-off sheet/daily diary at the home and fill this out at every visit so clients have a good report when they return.

We enjoy sending photos and videos as well, but this depends on time available and the needs of the pets, so we do not guarantee them each day.  We send them often, though!

How do I pay for the pet sitting?
We will send you an invoice through PayPal and then you will have the option of paying online there or having a check ready at the meet and greet.  Please double check before paying online, as sometimes a check is preferred.  Cash is accepted as well, but we prefer the other payment types.

What is your cancellation policy?
Daily walks require a two-day advance notice for a refund while vacation books need a week's notice.  Repeated and last minute cancellations will not receive full refunds.

Do you have hours of operation?
We do pet visits all times of the day or evening.  However,  since everyone at Snugglemeisters is out taking great care of the Nashville pet world, it is best for new clients to call us before 9:30 am or after 3:00 pm.  We're busy walking and adoring our lunchtime dogs between 10:30 and 2:30 pm so we will call you or return your email as soon as possible.  

Once we complete the meet and greet, about 95% of communication occurs through texting.  

I've read all the info, now what do I do?
Call us!  You can also fill out the contact form on this site, and we will get back to you as soon as we can to answer any more questions or to set up the meet and greet.