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Snugglemeisters offers pet sitting for cats, dogs, and small animals, and dog walking in Nashville, Brentwood, Lenox Village, and Oak Hill, TN.

Professional Pet Sitters for Safe & Happy Pets!

Rates & Services

Hiring a professional pet sitter insures your home will be safe and your pets well loved!  

Our neighbor's pet isn't just some afterthought for us, it's our job. This is what we do most of the day which means we're proficient, reliable, dedicated, and knowledgeable. So we have created a range of pet-sitting options to fit your needs, please contact us if you have requirements not listed below:


This is a quick stop (15-20 minutes) for bathroom breaks or less active pets.  We do not recommend this replacing the half hour breaks as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. still need interaction, socialization, and lovin' to reassure them all is well until Mom or Dad come home.

Our typical visit is 30 minutes long and includes cleaning pet dishes, feeding, replenishing water, treats or medication when applicable.  For dogs, we also take them for an invigorating walk or romp out in the fenced-in back yard if that is preferred. Kitties have their litter boxes scooped, litter replaced, and area around litter box swept clean each and every visit.  Plus plenty of playing and snuggling for all creatures!  Yes, even the fish.  Kind of.

Hour-long visits are excellent for pooches that are highly active and need longer walks or hikes.  Then there are dogs that need more snuggles and interaction than you would think, which becomes doubly important when pooches are stressed about you off enjoying the beach without them.  A good walk and then some serious snuggle time can do the trick.

Overnight stays involve a bonded, insured, and experienced sitter staying at your home overnight for ten to twelve hours tending to your pet's every whim, but also to insure the security of you home while you are away.  With a car coming and going and parked out front at night--plus lights on and off--your home is well looked after.  At the same time, your pet gets to follow someone around just like normal! We try to create an atmosphere similar to if you were home: feeding at the usual hour, potty breaks late at night and early in the morning, plus television on or music playing.  We are even comfortable sleeping with multiple pets in the bed if that's how you roll.

Our pet taxis generally involve transporting pets to or from the groomers or veterinarian.  If this is a daily walk client, we do a shorter walk for a potty break and then head on out.  Or if we pick them up first, we always stop at a favorite spot to take a bathroom break and let them stretch their legs before getting back home. We are happy to help our clients that we don't see every day as well, so just ask.

Okay, so maybe you don't have a pet or you know someone who doesn't have a pet but you need a reliable professional to stay in your home while you are on vacation...Snugglemeisters to the rescue.  We go around and do a thorough house check each day inside and out, making sure the house is safe and secure.  We are there when the weather suddenly changes and you're worried about the heat or the air conditioning.  We take in packages and tend to simple yard or house work.  Our sitters are all clean and respectful, and leave your house just as you left it.

Yes, it happens and yes, clients have called us to come let them in.  After a sit you can opt to have us keep your key on file for future visits or for emergencies like this.